Two students sitting on a step on campus

The list shows the dual-enrollment courses available to students in the Governor’s Health Sciences Academy. All course descriptions are available in the SMHS Bulletin.

Courses are taught on-site at the high school with GW SMHS appointed teachers. All dual-enrollment courses have oversight by GW SMHS faculty. For more information, please see Faculty & Teachers.

All students enrolled in the Academy complete the same courses during their first two years:

  • HSCI 1101: Careers in Health Care
  • HSCI 2111: Development of the Health Care Professions
  • HSCI 1102: Medical Terminology I
  • HSCI 1103: Medical Terminology II

Students select one of the seven health care pathways and complete specialized courses per their selected pathway.

Emergency Health Services

  • EHS 1040: EMT-Basic
  • EHS 1041: EMT-Basic Lab
  • EHS 1058: EMT Instructor Development
  • EHS 2105: Drug Addiction and Pain Management in the Emergency Health Services

Biomedical Informatics

  • HSCI 1106: Introduction to Biotechnology for Health Sciences
  • HSCI 2113: Informatics in the HSCI

Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • MLS 1101: Introduction to Laboratory Sciences I
  • MLS 1102: Introduction to Laboratory Sciences II

Nursing (in Partnership with the GW School of Nursing)

  • HSCI 1114: Fundamentals of Nursing I
  • HSCI 1115: Fundamentals of Nursing II

Sports Medicine

  • HFR 1105: Survey of Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Rehabilitation
  • HFR 1107: Illness and Injury for Health and Rehabilitation
  • HFR 1109: Exercise Science for Health and Rehabilitation
  • HFR 1111: Cases in Health and Rehabilitation

Surgical Sciences

  • HSCI 1107: Introduction to Sterile Processing
  • HSCI 1109: Introduction to Surgical Sciences