Guaranteed Admissions into GW SMHS

Paths to the BSHS

Health Sciences is a vibrant, diverse community of faculty, staff, and students across 50-plus academic and research programs within the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS).

Our highly ranked academic programs and translational research initiatives are dedicated to improving health and health care delivery.

We embrace this vision by investing in people; living our social mission; influencing health professions education, health care policy and practice; and catalyzing innovation and socially responsible entrepreneurism.

Guaranteed Admissions for Governor’s Health Sciences Academy Graduates

GW SMHS is pleased to offer guaranteed admission to our online and hybrid Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) programs to eligible graduates of the Governor’s Health Sciences Academy!

You can choose from a wide range of online programs in high-demand fields in the following program areas:

*Hybrid programs with laboratory experiences at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC).

We have significantly adjusted our programs to meet the needs and interests of our students. We have reduced our required transfer credit hours from 45 to between 24 – 34 based on the program and adjusted our curricula to include additional elective opportunities for students.

For Governor’s Health Sciences Academy graduates please apply through this link:

Apply Here

Students interested in degree programs outside of GW SMHS should apply through the general admissions site for GW.

Admissions Requirements for Governor’s Health Sciences Academy Graduates

Academy graduates who want to earn a BSHS from GW SMHS and who have met the following criteria are guaranteed admission to our BSHS programs listed above:

  • Completed a Standard Diploma or Advanced Studies Diploma from ACPS
  • Complete four-years of DE Academy coursework (i.e., completed all coursework within an Academy pathway) with a grade of C or higher for each dual enrollment course
  • Graduated with a cumulative GPA in the Standard Diploma or Advanced Studies Diploma from ACPS of 3.0 (as shown on the ACPS transcript)
  • Have earned a minimum of 24 eligible college credits through dual enrollment and/or Advanced Placement (minimum scores)*
  • Have enrolled at another regionally accredited institution of higher education for at least one (1) semester during an academic year following their high school graduation, and prior to GW matriculation
  • Completed the GW online application process by January 5 through this link.

*Certain programs have additional prerequisite requirements for admissions into their programs. For specific details on these prerequisites, please visit the program websites or contact Dr. Rohini Ganjoo, (, Senior Director for Undergraduate Studies.

Academy students who do not satisfy the admissions requirements set forth above for guaranteed admission will be considered for regular admission by GW SMHS, but admission is not guaranteed. Please contact Dr. Rohini Ganjoo, (, Senior Director for Undergraduate Studies.

Application Instructions

To submit an application to any of the BSHS programs, please complete the following steps:

  1. Access the GW online application by visiting and sign up for a new account on the student portal
  2. Once logged into the student portal, select the option to Start a New application and enter the following information on the new application screen:
    • What type of program are you applying to: Undergraduate
    • School: School of Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Field of Study: Select Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Technology, Emergency Medical Services Management, Medical Laboratory Sciences, or Molecular Diagnostic Sciences
    • Degree: B.S.H.S.
    • Concentration: Not Applicable
    • Term: Fall 2022
  3. Click the start application button to open your new application the GW SMHS.
  4. Complete all the prompts on the application form. Required sections are indicated with a red asterisk (*)
  5. Once you have completed the application, select "Review Application" and then "Submit Your Application." You will be prompted to digitally sign your application. Once signed, your application is complete and submitted.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Rohini Ganjoo, (, Senior Director for Undergraduate Studies.

Benefits for Governor’s Health Sciences Academy Graduates

For Academy graduates seeking entry into GW SMHS BSHS programs, we offer the following additional benefits:

  • Special SMHS scholarship consideration
  • Application fee waiver for GW SMHS application
  • 100 percent acceptance of GW dual enrollment credits applied to the BSHS degree requirements